Matt recently shared some details about his 22' by 35.5' by 16' tall storage shed built with conduit. This has got to be one of the biggest MP builds that we've seen! I think it's cool that he was building it out with electrical boxes before finding Maker Pipe.

"I started this project last fall weeks before I found out maker pipe existed. As soon as I found your company I shifted my focus and started integrating your product. The goal was to build a temporary storage shed avoiding additional property taxes levied and to make it a bit bigger than a normal shed to meet my needs. It measures 22’ wide by 35.5’ long and about 16’ tall. The opening is about 10.5’x10.5’ and I assembled the first 20’ or so in a cube truss so I can store my pickup truck loaded with a camper inside along with several other vehicles.

The remaining trusses are at about 8’. The shed is freestanding but I’ve learned that it won’t support any more than a 6” snow load without the additional lumber supports so I get 3 seasons open and winter using the lumber supports when there’s a snow load on the roof. Since I’ve shrinkwraped many boats over the years I’ve come accustomed to using shrinkwrap and that’s the cover. I’m planning for 5 years but will likely get 10 or more out of the wrap. 2021 cost of this is about $3300 plus about two weeks to design and assemble. I think that’s a reasonable outlay."