Thanks for the review, Amelia!

"I have a 125' long greenhouse, and I wanted a new sidewall roll up system. (You have to roll up the sidewalls to vent heat.) I bought a crank that fits 3/4" conduit, but I couldn't find *any* solid connectors that would join my 10' lengths of conduit into a stable length. They all barely attached and used friction to keep themselves in place. Probably fine for running electrical systems, but I needed something that actually was screwed into place.

I tried about 5x to join my conduit with a traditional connector, and every time I cranked the length, the segments disconnected. This solved the problem beautifully. A main screw holds the two halves together (and the backs are shaped as puzzle pieces, so they interlock). Then 4 self-tapping screws absolutely hold the connector to the conduit. This saved my sanity. Once I got the hang of positioning the connector halves and getting the self-tapping screws to dig in, I was off to the races. Something I've been dithering with for a year got finished in a few hours (and most of that was wrestling the plastic). It probably only took me an hour to actually attach the connectors and build my two 125' lengths of pipe. So easy and solid."