This is my second year with my raised bed veggie garden. After the summer season was over, I concluded the garden needed both shade and good trellising. I wanted a structure that would allow multiple types of veggie support to be used. This is my solution. The arbor project is about 3/4 finished. Just have one bed left to set up, then cover with shade cloth. The last of the pea plants are on netting secured to the top of the arbor. Later, I'll be hanging tomatoes from their arbor. 1/2" and 3/4" conduit. 1" 2:1 shrink tubing fit well over both sizes of conduit. The connectors are bare on the wrapped 3/4" conduit. I used the bands and adaptor sleeves for the 1/2" conduit. Photos are of proof of concept support for a tomato I grew last year and of the project now.