What to do with a perfectly good fabric umbrella that I saved from a bent & broken offset umbrella stand?

I'm SO done with these entry-level offset umbrellas that barely last one season (yes, you get what you pay for!) This one was Smith & Hawken (Target). The stand was not repairable, but the fabric itself is high quality Sunbrella material and well sewn. I saved it thinking I could try making a gazebo structure to house our patio dining table underneath.

It was an 11-ft offset umbrella - regular octagon with 8 spokes. I photoshopped a quick mock-up of what a gazebo might look like.

I'm new here and have not seen any projects yet in an octagon shape.... if anyone has any advice before I get started.... I think this would be a handy up-cycle idea to pass along if it works!! (and possible to get away with 4 posts for more space for chairs and traffic flow?)