I know this doesn't look like a gardening and agri...

I know this doesn't look like a gardening and agriculture project, but bear with me. My son is getting married in a couple of weeks and my 7-month-old grandson will be the ring-bearer in the ceremony. Since he's not walking yet, we decided to have his 5-year-old brother pull him in my wagon.

The wagon was rusty and the flimsy wooden side rails were busted up and it was just plain ugly. It needed a makeover for the wedding. So I sandblasted and repainted it, added a baby seat (one of those feeding seats you can strap down to a chair), and replaced the beat-up wooden slats with some beefy metal side rails (just in case my grandson takes a mind to climbing out of that thing).

Some construction info: I used standard conduit hangers set sideways to attach the vertical pieces to the side of the wagon. This provides a secure structure while clearing the 1/2" flange around the top of the wagon. Eight 90-degree Maker Pipe connectors hold it all together, and some little red pipe caps in the tops of the verticals dress it up.

Oh, and after the wedding, the wagon will be put back into commission in its old job - carrying loads of landscaping and garden supplies around my yard and garden (but with a significant upgrade)!

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