Raised bed short garden rabbit/rodent fence: I use...

Raised bed short garden rabbit/rodent fence: I used 1/2" EMT conduit with Maker Pipe 1/2" adapter shims. The hinges were made from four 6" pieces of 1/2" EMT conduit. Two were bolted to the vertical EMT fence post and the other two were bolted to the gate. Two of the 6" hinge halves have threaded pipe inserts (purchased from industrial supplier) that fit into the 1/2" EMT with 1/4-20 threads. Studs were screwed into the threaded insert and they protruded about 3/4" of inch from conduit tubing. These two hinge haves make up the bottom part of each hinge and they both point upward. The top two 6" mating hinge halves have a 1" long Nylon spacer/bushing(purchased from industrial supplier) that tightly fit into the 1/2" EMT conduit. Each bushing has 1/4" diameter hole which mates with the protruding studs. I used flat washers that exactly matched the outside diameter of the 1/2" conduit and slid them over the studs to act as a bearing surface for the gate to rotate. These top hinge halves bolt to the vertical piece of the gate. The gate can be easily installed and/or removed by just setting or lifting from the studs. Since my gate was pretty wide, I made each hinge 12" ( 2-6" halves). I felt I needed the length for stability. Flat washers could be used on the mounting bolt hinges to provide a space between hinge and fence post and/or gate if spacing is needed for rotation. Also, the hinges could probably be shorter if working with a narrower gate. I know, I probably should have taken pictures of the disassembled hinge to provide a better explanation.

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