Free Standing Support for Sun Shade Sail Cloth...

Free Standing Support for Sun Shade Sail Cloth

We wanted to have a big 14' x 14' triangular sail cloth over our backyard couch but didn't want to mount it into the beautiful plaster of the house itself, so Maker Pipe to the rescue.

Three verticals are secured by 45° corner braces at ground level and full height level. Additionally we used T connectors for bracing that runs under the couch, in between the sectional pieces, so they are not seen at all but still provide a lot of stability.

The sail cloth comes with O ring loops on the 3 corners, so threaded eye bolts were used at the ends of the EMT and carabiners attach the eye bolt to the cloth, allowing for easy dismantling when needed. If the cloth stretches out over time, this will also allow for easy tightening, just by unscrewing the eye bolt a bit.

We've already tested it in some strong winds and it holds up great. The best part is - we didn't want anything obscuring our view as we looked out into the garden and discovering Maker Pipe finally let us come up with an almost-zero footprint solution. The sail cloth is there doing its job, but the structure is almost invisible.

Now that we've tested it out, we'll pull it apart and paint the EMT, one of these days. Oh yeah - the pipe has also become a great structure to mount LED lighting on too. Perfect solution. Thanks Team Maker Pipe.

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