Awning help

I am working on an awning and would like some thoughts from others. I plan to use 6 of the new adjustable angle connectors on the upper rail. On the lower rail, I plan to 90° connectors on the corners and 2- 4 way connectors in the center. 12 connectors total. I may add an additional angle connector in the rear center to add a support brace that will bolt to a roof rafter of my home. My front post will be shorter than the back post. I may add additional side bracing later so I can put up something for privacy. I am considering letting the rear center post rest on my concrete porch and the other 5 post go into a 2" abs post pipe cemented into holes in the ground. I want my project to be simple with as little connections as possible, for strength because we get bad monsoon storms with wind. To achieve this, all the posts will extend beyond the lower rail, with the rear post being higher than the front post in order to accommodate the angles. Will this work? Note: I split the 45° connectors on the front upper rail to simulate the adjustable angle connectors and ran out of 45s, so I had to use the T Connectors on the rear upper rails, but they will be replaced with the new adjustable angle connectors.

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