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Re: Shoe rack / low profile casters using ball transfers

I'm working on a project for under stairs drawer storage for shoes, back packs, a hanging rack, a fish tank and a small seating area. This a big project and above my current skill level at the moment. However, I still have an immediate need to get a hold over the shoes, etc that accumulate in this area. So, I decided to make an intermediate solution for the shoes using maker pipe since the new adjustable angle hinge made it possible to get a better angle than just a 45.

I needed it to roll, but regular casters were too big and I'd waste too much space. Therefore, with some direction from David Schlitter, I ended up using a 5/8 Stud-Mount Ball transfer from McMaster Carr (6460K21) with the 1/4- 20 pipe inserts (with lip). It's not perfect and I end up using a ton of pipes and connectors, but I thought I'd share in case someone needed a low profile solution to make their project rollable.

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