Combo trellis and shade structure. Made so that th...

Combo trellis and shade structure. Made so that the shade cloth can be used as a cover, or pushed back out of the way when not needed. Extra grommets in shade cloth, shower curtain rings, and long plastic rods make expanding and contracting the shade cloth a smooth operation. Trellis support is repurposed insulated wire strung within the frame, two per raised bed. Still tweaking, but it works as planned.

Btw - Have had these beds in place for about 10 years. The low fences are to keep the cats and chickens out. Repurposed 14 inch metal grates originally used for shelving and purchased at garage sales. Zip tied together. They hinge to the edge of the raised beds (using cable clips) and fold down to allow easy access. The fences also support cold frame plastic. Had to modify that design a bit when I installed the emt frame. The end pieces no longer hinge down, but are just velcoed to the uprights and can be removed if needed.

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